purchase nft via opensea

In this article, we will demystify the process of buying an NFT via opensea on your mobile. This has proven difficult to many and unfortunately open sea have not shared a single article on how to actually purchase NFT’s via mobile i.e IOS.

In my first attempt at buying NFT’s i came across quite a few hurdles and it all started with my hesitance to install my apps to my phone. I just wanted a browser option to visit, add money to my wallet via my bank card, and then search for the nft of choice, add to basket, pay and log out. 

Little did i know all the rules i came with from web 2, were to be put to sleep in my quest to join web 3. 

First thing was buying an NFT via my iPhone wasn’t possible on opensea. I could only browse but couldn’t initiate or add money to my wallet. My frustration doubled when i googled and not a single answer to my question was available via open sea support or google forums either. 

Then i had to download discord to join in on conversations, another app which i was reluctant to download, as i am not a fan of group conversations. Then i had to download a wallet of choice, first choice was a trust wallet, this was easy to add my bank card, but then i still couldnt get it to connect with my open sea app. 

These are the steps i followed successfully. 

  •  I withdrew my Eth from the trust wallet to my Binance wallet
  • Opened up Opensea on my actual laptop, 
  • Downloaded a Metamask wallet on chrome
  • Added the extension to my browser
  • Transferred the funds from my Binance wallet to the Metamask wallet (Every wallet has an address, and that makes it easy to transfer funds, but you’d loose some money along the way, for all the transfers. This is what i learnt the hard way, as nfts were pretty much new in Jan 2022)
  • Logged back into Opensea on my laptop, and voila the funds in my Metamask wallet were available on open sea (i authorised Opensea to connect with my Metamask)
  • Then the next sting were the gas fees. Sometimes they are higher than the actual Nft you are trying to purchase, and until you add to basket, you’d never know what the price will be. The price also changes every minute on average. 
  • If you live in the UK, the best time for low gas fees are in the early hours of the day 6am to 9am, that way other countries are asleep etc.

Hope this article has helped in demystifying your purchase of NFT’s and do let me know if you have any questions. 

I know you might ask but my first Nft was via binance, the tyson fury ones, then i followed through with some kangaroo heroes founder nfts and the story carries on. Im a fan of holding and not flipping immediately, as i got into the game for utility and for the vision of the nft seller, not flipping for the sake of it. But i will be buying some more for flipping to keep my metamask wallet alive 😉

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